What is the best affiliate program in the world? Another way to coin that would be what is the best affiliate program for you to join.

Based on the failure rate in affiliate marketing it makes you wonder how important the program really is. Usually the lack of success is more a fault of the affiliate marketer than it is the affiliate program. Affiliate marketers need to take responsibility for their success and understand a couple of basic points.

Information products sell very well and the best affiliate program to join is ClickBank.com. They offer thousands of digital information products that you can chose from and sell with one ID number. This process is very easy to get off the ground and have you marketing it across the Internet in a very short time. Although marketing can be costly you can also use free methods.

Information products sell at a higher commission rate because they not too expensive to produce. Once they have been created there is no ongoing expense to manufacture them so it is not unusual to see commission rates as high as 75%. Another advantage to information products is they allow instant access. This means you can sell them anywhere in the world and your customer can be reading them a couple of minutes after the payment is processed.

You do not have to ship the product and instant access feeds on the customers hunger for wanting something right now. They look after all transactions procedures and ensure you get paid so that you do not have to worry about postage, packaging and having to have a merchant account. You will also find that many ClickBank e-books also contain promotional materials. The really smart writers know that to get affiliates to promote their product they not only have to pay them well, they must also provide quality advertising materials.

As you can see a case could be made that the best affiliate program in the world is ClickBank.com. This should be an affiliate newbie's first port of call if they want to earn money marketing information products on the Internet. They certainly have thousands of people earning checks with them every month.