Just as I promised, today we are going to be looking at ways to do proper keyword research which will enable us to find profitable niche market where we can make a killing. a niche can be define as a group of people looking for a particular information but are unable to find a solution to their problems, these is where the marketer makes a killing by providing the solution to their needs either through promoting affiliate products or creating a digital product to solve their problem. These are ways a marketer takes advantage and make lot of money from the internet affiliate marketing industry.

On our last post we talk about finding profitable markets through online market place such as Clickbank, commission junction, the 2nd tier etc. which reveal to us some certain products that are widely accepted in the market, finding such products is a stepping stone which will lead us into doing keyword research on such products or industry you find that is profitable.

here is how you research a niche, using any of the following free keyword research tools to research and settle for your money making site: Google Adwords keyword tools, wordtracker free keyword tool, wordpot.com, nichebotclassic.com. Let’s say you decided to settle for the chocolate industry and you want to find a profitable niche in that industry, into Google Adwords keyword tool for instance, type in the word chocolate, it will show many related keywords to chocolate, including the numbers of searches done on each of them and how many people are bidding on them.

Remember the higher the number of searches done on any of them, the greater the competition will be on Google. To check the possible level of competition , take the keyword of your interest to Google search engine and see the number of websites that comes up for the keyword. Check the first five to ten sites to see their page ranking and how sophisticated they are.

If they are not so many [not in millions], not so sophisticated, and not so high in page ranking [not above 5], then it means competition is not stiff and you can settle for the keyword. Otherwise you have to dig further.

Take the keyword back into Google keyword tool and see the new related keywords to it that come up. From these, you can choose any as ling as it shows a good number of searches made on it. to confirm how competitive it is, again go to Google search engines and see the number of websites that come up, the sophistication and page ranking of the first five to ten sites.
The information you get from such kinds of keyword research is profound and worth thousands of dollars online [actually what the gurus don’t want you to know]. This process is extremely needed to be done first if you will ever be able to make real money online.

Its time to take action, practice what you've just discovered. It’s a fallacy to think that keyword research is complex, it’s not and it all boils down to targeting a niche market then drill it down to find a keyword that has lot of searches but little competition on Google. Keep your fingers cross am going to reveal ways your can make truck load of money with the research techniques outline, I will keep you posted don’t forget to leave a comment or questions you may have.

It is obvious that a great number of people worldwide, especially beginners to the internet don’t ever make money with their sites and the reason is simple: picking topics that nobody is interested in.

At the beginning of our internet journey, we are excited about the fact that the internet provides us the opportunity to do so many things, including writing or blogging about different topics and be able to make money. Even to the extent of choosing any topic to address our websites on, but that is not true of the way the money makers are making their money online – not all topics make money online!

The fact is that however way you will want to monetize your site, people have to visit it before you will be able to make money from their visit. And for them to come it means there is something about your site that they are interested in, something valuable, which has to do with the topic your site is addressing.

Therefore, to be on the right way to make money online, you will need to ask yourself this question before registering a domain or promote a product:

What topics are profitable?

yes, that’s an important question you have to first find an answer to before committing yourself into months of serious work building your site only to discover nobody really cares about visiting it, let alone spending any money there. It can really be painful, and many newbies and intermediates to the internet usually fall into this pit.

To avoid such pains, and put yourself in the path of making money with your site, you have to carry out a little research to find out which topics can make money online and which ones to run away from.

One great way to do such research is to visit some online market places, like Clickbank marketplace, paydotcom, commission junction, the 2nd tier etc. these are websites where companies register their products for affiliates to promote.

You will find some statistics revealing how the products are being accepted in the market place. For instance data showing percentage commission payable to affiliates, degree of affiliates promoting a given product, percentage or ratio of returns, and average monthly sales can give you a strong insight into how lucrative an industry could be and such research is worth thousands online, I will keep you posted watch out for the remaining tips about how to do proper keyword research to uncover niche markets.