Are you just getting started with your Internet marketing career? If you are, then affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to go. But, how do you get started making money with this method?

If you are totally new to Internet marketing, then it can be quite confusing trying to figure out which method will get you up and running the fastest without emptying your bank account. The good news is that as long as you have a connection to the Internet, you have everything you need.

People choose to get started with affiliate marketing for many reasons -- to make extra payments on bills, to take a dream vacation, to augment their retirement or to quit their day job. Your reasons may be unique to you, but you can use some of the same methods as every one else to get started. In fact, it will work to your advantage to follow a proven plan.

So, let's get back to the question of how to get started making money. My advice: start with the Bum Marketing Method.

What's that you say? It's a way to sell products based on a marketing method popularized by Travis Sago, a very successful Internet marketer. Travis says that anyone, even a flat-broke bum, can sit down in front of a computer and start making money in a matter of days.

I know. It sounds too good to be true but, believe it or not, it really does work!

Following the bum's way to get started really just means that you learn how to make money without it costing you anything. In other words, use free methods to market your products. This is an excellent way to get your feet wet, especially if you're not sure that affiliate marketing is for you or you're just not willing to risk a lot of money.