By John Oszajca

If you are going to be a successful affiliate marketer you are going to need to become an authority on your niche. Subscribers are after value, and how valuable are you if you know less than they do? Not to mention that passion for a topic speaks volumes. This means that you should pick a niche that you have a personal affinity for, and ideally you should start with a niche with which you already have some level of experience.
That being said, you should also be sure that there is a demand for your niche. You might love pumpernickel ice cream, you might have the best recipes for pumpernickel ice cream on the planet, but if no one is searching for pumpernickel ice cream, you will have no potential traffic and no potential income. It will be the equivalent of opening a retail store in the middle of the Sahara desert.
As for which PRODUCTS to promote, you have two basic choices; your own or someone else's. Creating your own product is somewhat self explanatory. The amount of work is greater but so to can be the reward. If you choose to sell someone else's product as an affiliate than you have an infinite number of options. If you are just starting out than I recommend you look within the Clickbank network, the worlds largest affiliate network of digital goods. Whatever you choose to promote, be sure that it is a quality product, with a good sales page, and a good conversion rate, and most importantly, that the niche is large enough that you will have many other quality products to promote to your list down the line.
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